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Even though Solid Rock Riders is no longer scheduling or promoting rides, we retained this safety page.

  • Make sure that your bicycle is safe! If unsure, take it to a reputable bike shop for maintenance.
  • Replace worn tires.
  • An ANSI, SNELL, or ASTM-approved helmet is required.
  • Follow all motor vehicle and bicycle laws. Cops in some places are now issuing tickets to violators. For details, visit
  • Use hand signals when there are motorists and other bicyclists around:
    - Left hand straight out - left turn
    - Left hand up - right turn
    - Left hand down - slowing down
  • SLOW DOWN on curves. All it takes is debris or small rocks to send your wheel into a slide; you lose control and crash.
  • Watch for hazards—pot holes, bad bumps, loose gravel and sand, broken glass, cracks. Issue warnings for these hazards by pointing them out provided that it is safe to remove hand from handlebar.
  • Watch for overhead hazards-trees, overhanging branches, overpasses, tunnels.
  • Use caution when vision is compromised by obstructions, glare, etc.
  • Maintain a safe distance between your bicycle and other bicycles, joggers, walkers, vehicles, and objects.
  • Call out:
    "On your left" if you are about to pass another bicyclist, jogger, or walker on the left.
    "Car back" if a motor vehicle if approaching from behind.
    "Car up" if a motor vehicle is approaching ahead.
    "Rider back" if another rider is approaching from behind.
    "Rider up" if another rider is approaching ahead.
    "Clear left" when road on left is traffic free.
    "Clear right" when road on right is traffic free.
  • DO NOT PASS anyone on the right (Texas law).
  • Maintain visibility so that you can be seen by motorists and other bicyclists.
  • If other vehicles or bicycles are approaching from behind, call out "car back!" or "bike back!", respectively.
  • When there is traffic, ride in single file. Municipalities such as Hill Country Village requested that riders ride single file when motorists are present.
  • Stop if someone has an accident and render aid if possible.
  • If you cannot finish the route, please ask someone to accompany you back to the starting area.
  • If it turns dark, a front light and rear blinking light are required by Texas Law.
  • Bright, flourescent clothing preferably with reflective material is encouraged.
  • Personal equipment should include an adequate amount of water, ID, and flat tire repair kit. Also recommended is a cellular telephone.
  • Safety glasses are recommended. Ask your optometrist regarding the best eyewear for cycling.
  • If you are exposed to sunlight, use SPF 45 or higher sunscreen. An SPF of 15 absorbs 93% and 34 absorbs 97%. Also read instructions on how often to apply the lotion.
  • Beware of pollution bulletins especially if you are riding with traffic.

Note: An insurance policy such as a homeowner's or tenant's policy with Personal Liability is highly recommended.

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