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Wurzbach Parkway to feature bike paths

21 Dec 2011

San Antonio—By end of 2013, cyclists will be able to go between McAllister Park and Hardberger Park by a new parkway link that will connect Wurzbach at Blanco to Wurzbach at Starcrest. Construction began this year to bridge the two arteries, a concept that dates back to the 1980s when it was called the East-West Parkway. During the course of construction, the entrance to the Salado Creek greenway had been closed from McAllister Park riders. To ride Salado Creek, riders may use trailheads at Lady Bird Park and Tobin Park.

The parkway will feature four to six lanes, divided by a raised island median. There will no intersections to local streets; it will be limited with overpasses at most major intersections. Engineers classified the route as a "super-arterial" rather than a freeway or "autobahn" type which means that it is basically a hybrid between a major street and a minor expressway. The right-of-way is 120 feet (36.5 meters) wide along the route and 220 feet (67 meters) wide at interchanges. Besides featuring bike lanes, the new link will feature aesthetically-pleasing structures and noise abatement walls.

When the parkway is complete, it will have overpasses and interchanges at Blanco, US 281, Wetmore, Nacogdoches, Perrin-Beitel, and Thousand Oaks. The freeway style road ends at the intersections of Weidner and past Blanco where motorists will be met with traffic light intersections on existing pavements.

New link from Blanco to Starcrest

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