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So what's with the heat and drought?

16 Aug 2011

The heat does not jive very well with cyclists. That's why our start times are scheduled earlier or the rides cancelled. Heat can be a killer especially for riders who have some type of health assessment or those who fail to bring enough water and nutrients. On July 17, 2011, a 47-year-old man died of heat in Arkansas City, Kansas. According to an account by the newspaper Arkansas City Traveler, the rider was training for a benefit race to raise funds for multiple sclerosis research. So caution with heat and drought is of the essence.

Salado Creek—dry as a bone

Ninety-four percent of the Lone Star State has been afflicted with the heat wave and the worst drought since the Great Depression. So, what's with the heat and drought? Could it be that droughts join the ranks of earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, tornadoes, and other perils because a couple of folks in the very beginning took a bite of the forbidden fruit from the Tree of Knowledge and introduced sin to the world?

We live on a sphere that circles a huge ball of fire in a universe that is beyond our comprehension. Scientists are unable to agree on the size and age the universe, unable to agree on how the Earth was created, and unable to agree on the age of the Earth. Meanwhile, scientists can only go so far to determine what composes matter. Oh yes, we know about the components of an atom--the protons, neutrons, and electrons--and have theories about quarks and other components. The bottom line is that no one will ever know the real answers. We're bound by the plains of length, width, and height, a 3D dimension that goes beyond our understanding of our physical surroundings. It's in the design by the Great Architect to keep us bound. What really matters is Heaven which is easier to conceptualize.

So here we are in a place called Texas, faced with daily challenges. Cyclists, runners, and others endure the heat, farmers struggle with crops, and homeowners deal with carpet grass. The time is now for prayer! Follow Christ—receive the Holy Spirit. Ask for forgiveness, thank God for the blessings, and plead for rain. Now is the time! That's the ultimate and only direction to take.

Thanks for reading.

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