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Mission Reach greenway reaches other tributaries

20 Sep 2016

The Mission Reach greenway received its first tributary greenway—the San Pedro and Apache Creek greenway. Recently opened, the new greenway begins at the West Mitchell Street crossing and ends at Apache Creek Park on Guadalupe St. as an approximate 5-mile spur. This makes it possible for one to ride from the park directly to the Blue Star Arts Complex in the King William District, or to the four missions that are located along the San Antonio River.

Another greenway, the Medina River greenway will soon be connected to the Mission Reach greenway at its south end near the San Franciso De La Espada mission. The trail known for its six switchbacks begins at the Medina River Natural Area on Palo Alto Road.

The Blue Star Arts Complex is apparently the most popular trailhead of the greenway system. Its parking lot is usually packed with cyclists who will soon have expanded options. Blue Star is located across S. Alamo from the Guenther House and Pioneer Flour Mills and a block from the San Antonio River Authority.

Solid Rock Riders have plans for video shoots of the new trail segments. Throughout the city, an expansion is underway not only for Mission Reach but other venues including Leon Creek, Salado Creek, and other destinations.

- SRR News Services

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