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How Salado North and Salado South Greenways Will Be Connected

07 May 2016

Cyclists and hikers have asked how the city of San Antonio will connect the two trails—Salado North and Salado South—with a military installation in between. A city brochure shows a planned trail following Salado Creek; however, there's a problem: the creek runs through the U. S. Army's Fort Sam Houston. It's off limits for those without the proper credentials such as a military ID or a U. S. Government-issued common access card popularly known as the CAC.
Petroleum Road connector - graphics artist conception

At the present, Salado North Greenway ends at the intersection of Holbrook Road and Aina Lane, an intersection located near Rittiman Road. Just on the other side of Salado Creek is James Park. The park backs up to a fence with a posted warning sign that states that it is a U. S. military installation.

So we set out to figure out how the north and south can be bridged without having to deal with a military base. Here are the findings:

1. Holbrook Road, a road that runs north and south, parallels the military's boundary with enough shoulder room to accommodate a trail.

2. Holbrook ends at Petroleum Road, a t-intersection. One can only turn left from Holbrook to Petroleum where it goes over a railroad track before it reaches the Interstate 35 frontage road. The railroad track runs between Fort Sam Houston's main military base and its Brooks Army Medical Center (BAMC). There's enough real-estate to parallel the tracks to provide a right-a-way for a path (as illustrated above).

3. The new path can be routed under a railroad trestle located south of Binz-Engleman Road.

4. From the trestle, the trail can be routed to the Salado South Greenway at its Jack White Park trailhead, located at 3781 Seguin Rd.

There are no official announcements about adding such a connector; however, once it is done, one will be able to ride from Huebner Road to South Side Lions Park, a distance of approximately 25 miles (40 km). Now that can make a nice ride—a 50-mile (80 km) round trip!

Besides adding this connector between the two trails, there are plans to expand Salado Creek both ways. At the north, it will be continued beyond Loop 1604 and connected to the Leon Creek Greenway, another trail that is undergoing expansion. Leon Creek Greenway originally ended at the Ingram Mall VIA Transit Center; however, construction is underway to expand it to West Military Drive. Eventually, the trail will be connected to existing trails at Levi Strauss Park, located near Nelson W. Wolff Stadium, home of the San Antonio Missions basebase team. Levi Strauss Park will be the termination point. Leon Creek continues south through Lackland Air Force Base, another military installation that is off-limits.

Salado Greenway connector will route between the Army post and the Brooks Army Medical Center

—SSR News Services

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